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Exploring different genres, I wrote and recorded the album BLENDWERK and released two songs (Towelboy and Bleed) on Spotify:

2019 - 2020

Collaborations with media artists Benjamin Breitkopf and Carmen Stadler:


A quiet, yet creative year. During the COVID lockdown, I started playing around with synthesizers and composing more songs. The result was L-WORD, my first published album. I also started meeting with author, filmmaker and guitarist Micha Lewinsky to try and reinterpret famous, if dismal punk-, metal- and popsongs in a loungy, mellow fashion (think elevator music): The Syckamore project was born.


A busy year:

  • Producing an album without the support and know-how of a label is a hell of a lot of work... but also extremely educational. I applied for (and received) public funding to be able to produce L-WORD professionally. In the fall, the album was mixed and mastered, the cover art was created and I placed the order for the vinyl pressing.

  • I did background vocals for Zurich band Niece. Their wonderful new album was released in summer 2023.

  • As a pleasant surprise, I was invited by the Erna and Curt Burgauer Foundation to apply for an award totaling CHF 30'000, as one of four candidates. They chose someone else eventually, but I felt very honored to even be considered.

2022 - 2023

Difficult years. My father passed away in May 2022 and my partner was struggling with mental health problems. A war broke out in Europe, followed by one in the Middle East, and society was faced with new crises after three years of pandemic. After releasing L-WORD in November 2022, I had to take a musical break that would last over a year. One major highlight, though: I started working for the Zurich label Intakt Records, arguably one of the most renowned jazz labels in the world.

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