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1989 - 1999

Started playing piano as a kid and soon discovered that fun thing called composing. At 17 I wrote my first "real" pieces for piano...

Piano - Ariane Pollo


... followed by the inevitable singer-songwriter-phase in my twenties.

Angela / Forever Thing - Ariane Pollo

2004 - 2006

I was lucky enough to live in Berlin where I studied screenplay. My fellow student Chris introduced me to her friends Elmar Farchmin and Ygal Gleim who, like me, enjoyed the occasional improv-session.

F minor - Farchmin / Gleim / Pollo
Für Elise - Farchmin / Gleim / Pollo


Several improv-sessions with Frank Bierlein, Elmar Farchmin, David Loscher, Marc Teuscher, and Amos Unger of Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design.

various - improv Karlsruhe


First steps in recording songs by playing every "instrument" myself, using a Yamaha Motif 6, an analogue 4-track recorder - and no metronome.

Angry Robot Polka - Ariane Pollo
Love Is An X - Ariane Pollo

2010 - 2013

First steps with DAW Ableton & Audacity, experiments with Korg's Kaossilator Pro and my roommate's electric piano (when he wasn't home). Briefly played in a Balkan-Gypsie group with guitarist Roman Hosek and saxophonist/singer Florian Medimorec, doing (backing) vocals and Melodica.

Near To You (N. Simone) - Kaossilator - Gypsy - Ariane Pollo

2014 - 2015

My very first album Du Sollst Nicht Tanzen as alter ego Olga Rhythmus (11 songs, self-produced, unpublished). Basically a way to get to know GarageBand and exploit the countless Kaossilator-loops I had created before. But it can also be read as an interpretation of modern Schlager music such as Helene Fischer.

Du Sollst Nicht Tanzen (Medley) - Olga Rhythmus

2016 - 2019

Doing synth bass and keys for my friend Thomas' band TOM UND DIE TOURISTEN.


I decided to finally focus on what really matters to me, i.e. keep writing and recording my own music, get better at it and offer my songs to anyone who'd care to listen. So I created this website and chose a new name for my future projects: LINEAR LOOP.

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