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  1. Fail (from the album L-WORD)

  2. Soundtrack for media artist Carmen Stadler

  3. All The Good Girls Go To Hell (original by Billie Eilish)

  4. Bail (from L-WORD)

  5. Sound collage for media artist Benjamin Breitkopf

  6. Car Crash (unpublished)

  7. Unbranded (from the album Blendwerk)

  8. Sound collage for B. Breitkopf

  9. Towelboy (from Blendwerk)

  10. Soundtrack (unpublished)

  11. 11-13 (unpublished)

  12. Wedding present (from Blendwerk)

All compositions by Ariane Pollo except #3 (written by Billie Eilish and Finneas O'Connell). All vocals and instrumentation by Ariane Pollo except #3 (guitar by Micha Lewinsky).

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