1989 - 1999

Started playing piano as a kid and soon discovered that fun thing called composing (we had this beautiful electric organ at home and I loved the damn thing from the moment I knew how to switch it on). At 17 I wrote my first "real" pieces for piano...

Piano - Ariane Pollo
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... followed by the inevitable singer-songwriter-phase in my twenties.

Angela / Forever Thing - Ariane Pollo
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2004 - 2006

I was lucky enough to live in Berlin for two years where I studied screenplay. My fellow student Chris introduced me to some of her friends who, like me, enjoyed the occasional improv-session. Our take on Beethoven's "Für Elise" is one of my favourites.

F minor / Für Elise - improv Berlin
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Through Chris I also met Marc who studied at Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design. He was shooting a movie as graduation project, the soundtrack of which was done by his fellow students from the Sound Department. I joined them, not only for the movie but - again - for several improvs where I did vocals and fooled around with a gorgeous Yamaha Motif 6.

various - improv Karlsruhe
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Deeply in love with the Yamaha (and all the other devices the Sound Department kindly let me use whenever I visited) I took my first steps in recording songs by playing every "instrument" myself. Although I'd already sort of done that in my teens with a 4-track tape recorder this was a whole new dimension, with all those different authentic sounds and so many more tracks at hand. Until then, making music to me had basically meant being in a band. Now I realised I could do it on my own - not without interest for an introvert female. Funny thing is, Digital Audio Workstations had been established for quite a while then. But I had only just discovered the world of synths and multi-track-recorders - talking about a late bloomer here...

Angry Robot Polka - Ariane Pollo
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Love Is An X - Ariane Pollo
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2010 - 2013

I kind of lost sight of music, but I did start experimenting with Ableton and the Korg Kaossilator Pro. Playing with the Kaossilator is always fun although, of course, a loop doesn't make a song. Can't say I enjoyed working with Ableton - not exactly a techie, so it was all a bit abstract for me. I joined a Balkan-Gypsy-band for a short period, doing vocals and Melodica, and went back to playing the piano. No mouse-clicking, no despairing over dysfunctional plug-ins, just good old real instruments.

Near To You (N. Simone) - Kaossilator - Gypsy - Ariane Pollo
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2014 - 2015

I entertained myself with a solo-project called "Olga Rhythmus". It was basically a way for me to get to know GarageBand which I'd only just learned about (again, late bloomer alert), and exploit the countless Kaossilator-loops I had created before. But it can also be read as an interpretation of modern Schlager music such as Helene Fischer. My friends thought I was serious about it and suggested to record the songs properly and send them to the radio (which would have been a good fit, I guess).

Mix - Olga Rhythmus
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2016 - 2017

Been (and still am) playing synth bass and keys for my friend Thomas' band TOM UND DIE TOURISTEN. Always fun to hang out with those guys.


I decided to finally try and focus on what really matters to me, i.e. keep writing music, playing, singing, recording, and editing - and get better at it. So I created this website and chose a new name for my future projects: LINEAR LOOP.

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